I was born at 8:45pm on 25 June, 1986. I was 10 days late, or rather, waiting for the right moment. That moment happened to be around dinner time when my mother was frying a chicken in the kitchen while my father was mowing the yard. 

27 years later I still wait for a grand entrance, and I still eat fried chicken every June 25. I've also gained a few experiences along the way, which brings you to this website. I love film, photography, and music. If you want to chat policy or physics, I'm game for that as well. I've been to some amazing places around the world and found beauty in all people and cultures. I worked as a recruiter for an internationally known US university before leaving to spread my wings a little more. I dabble in photography, film and music on the side and I'm always looking for another great story or adventure that I can share. 

If you see anything on this site that you would like to learn more about or purchase, please fee free to contact me.  Please enjoy what I have here, it's for you. Check back often for my updates. 

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